Maddox Gets Hollywood Superhero Role!

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It seems Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s acting skills have passed on to their adopted child…10-year-old Maddox has landed his first Hollywood role!

It’s said that Maddox is a huge superhero fan, so his parents thought he’d be an ideal candidate when they heard about the new movie.

A source revealed that the movie is being made by Brad’s film production company, Plan B, and it will begin filming next year.

“The film is based on a graphic novel about the young son of a god who leaves his mountain-top home to fight monsters. Maddox lives, eats and breathes movies and comic books so Brad and Angelina thought he’d be perfect for the starring role.”

It could be the start of an amazing film career – both his parents are hugely successful film stars. The family is currently in London because Brad is filming his new movie ‘World War Z’. They’ve been spotted around the capital on various trips, from landmarks to pottery cafes, and shown off some really good behaviour!

Maddox’s debut is sure to be eagerly anticipated, and whether the rest of the brood will be launching acting careers remains to be seen…Knox and Vivienne would be gorgeous child stars!

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