Made Possible (Thursday Writing Essential) Hollow, I am

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Hollow, I am


I come from the spared rod, the leather belt worn only by wear

Not by whipping lashes, stinging whelps, or drawing tears.

I am the unbroken soft-boiled egg’s spineless shell

My guts are spoiled yellow yolk, my gall is sulfuric rot,

These all products of the spared rod.

I hail from the hand-out trophy awarded yet unearned,

A painted gold plastic player inches tall on a marble-high pedestal,

A mock of me that proudly I received and thought a glorious a thing,

Though signified it nothing but a mock of me,

That made possible my ruin–  the hand-out trophy.










MY Generation, why?


Mold, moldy, and continuously molding..

Is this what you wanted of us?.

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