Madeleine McCann Madness: Death Threats for Kate

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Madeleine McCann will likely remain a hot topic, internationally, forever. At least that’s the way it seems with the better part of a decade past and people still going mad over the case. The latest update in the Maddie saga isn’t nowhere near as pleasant as the terrorized innocent families who have blonde children — you know, the ones who give up DNA to prove they haven’t taken the girl? Indeed, this one is affecting dear old Kate and Gerry and you just can’t have that, now can you?

It’s being reported that an internet troll has made death threats against the mother of the famously missing child, and in case you aren’t aware, the United Kingdom doesn’t necessarily honor true freedom of speech. If the person who made the threat is located in the UK, they could be thrown in jail. Hell, officials in the UK recently jailed a teen for making a joke about missing child April Jones — a joke. So imagine, how they will treat internet death threats?

Meanwhile the investigation behind Maddie’s disappearance continues and officials are trying to locate cleaners who used a white van while the McCanns were on their notorious vacation. Perhaps, they’re trying to eliminate the possibility that these cleaners had anything to do with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

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