Madeleine McCann’s Parents Accused of Neglect Again by Angry Attorney

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As British police try to arrest burglars in the Madeleine McCann case, an angry attorney defending his own alleged negligent client says Kate and Gerry McCann were just as at fault for a charge of neglect when they left little Maddie in a resort room by herself while they went off to a bar. So he wants to know why his British client was prosecuted for doing the same thing since her son didn’t disappear afterward?

Attorney Gareth Morgan is representing a mother who left her five-year-old male child at home alone while she got in a car and ended up crashing it in a drunk driving incident. The argument could be made that at least he was two years older than little Madeleine was when her parents left her to fend for herself in a resort room. And at least this British woman had the common sense not to put her son in a vehicle in which she was then going to be driving while intoxicated. But on the other hand, her son has Asperger syndrome, so what kind of mom leaves a child like that alone at home?

Kate and Gerry McCann, the parents of the missing little girl who disappeared at the age of three in Portugal on the fateful night in question, are currently embroiled in a new investigation into their daughter’s disappearance. And this recent comment in a British court by attorney Gareth Morgan can not be appreciated in the least by them, as they have most likely never forgotten the microscope they came under for leaving a three-year-old in a resort room all by herself while they went to a nearby bar.

Gareth Morgan is using the most recent headline news case about Madeleine to try and get his client out of any serious consequences for leaving her medically-challenged child home alone. But friends of the McCanns are outraged that he would drag Madeleine’s parents into this comparison, telling the Mirror that the comments are “insensitive and plain wrong.”

What do you think? Should anyone who leaves their child alone at home or in a hotel or resort room be charged with neglect, regardless of whether the child goes missing or not? And should Madeleine McCann’s parents been at least charged with neglect after she disappeared?

Kate and Gerry McCann, pictured, were accused of child neglect by a lawyer defending a drink-driving mother

Kate and Gerry McCann pictured with a photo of their missing daughter. Photo credit:

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