Madonna Accused of Plagiarizing ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’

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Madonna has implied Lady Gaga copied “Express Yourself” for her hit single, “Born This Way,” but it appears the Material Girl may have been the one doing some copying. A Brazilian music producer claims Madge plagiarized his song to create her new single, “Give Me All Your Luvin.’”

Joao Brasil is confident his 2011 song titled, “L.O.V.E Banana,” was used to create the singer’s lead single from her new album. The DJ says he was not even aware of Madge’s new song until fans began to point it out. Sadly for Madge, the similarities between the two songs are obvious. Brasil is not too upset by the obvious imitation and is actually a little flattered by it. He says, “I still don’t understand what happened. I’m a huge fan of hers. If it’s plagiarism, then even better.” He is one of those that feels mimicking is flattery.

Brasil also points out, “She is always at the cutting edge of music, so it’s a good sign about what I do.” The DJ realizes it was most likely not the Material Girl who did the copying. Producers probably stumbled across his video and casually lifted the cheerleader chanting. The lyrics are different. In fact, the lyrics actually hint at the similarities in the songs. ” Every record sounds the same. You’ve got to step into my world.” Whether it was intentional or not, it can almost be used as evidence for either side.

Take a listen to the original song here. Then listen to Madonna’s new single here. What do you think? The DJ is not prepared to take down the Material Girl. He says, “It’s in their hands, they’re looking at how to proceed and what they can do. But personally, I don’t want to do anything. The last thing I need in my life is a fight with Madonna.” He is referring to lawyers from the German label, Man Recordings, who actually own the rights to the song.

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