Madonna and Child …and A Guy

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Filipino parties provide me with great photo opportunities.  We tend to get together as families, bringing everybody together in one place with lots and lots of food, fun and laughter.  My friend Vera's house is the regular choice for our parties.  She has a nice big place… and a pool.

While reviewing my pictures recently, I noticed a happy coincidence.  I've managed to capture several pictures involving mothers with their babies.  Yeah, I know… procreative bunch. I don't know how they do it, working full time as nurses and taking care of their families.  I wanted to share these pictures to attest to the fact that from my  country comes some of the loveliest women and cutest babies in the world.

Tara and Holly

 Sally and Angelina

Diane and Iya

 Tess and Max

 Grandma Esther and Holly

Maribel and Gabriel

Mother and Child group

It's too cute not to include this picture, the lone guy in the group…  Ray with Holly


And here's our beautiful Madonna-in-waiting, Brenda.  She's due any time now.

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