Madonna at the Top of Her Game in Promo Appearances for ‘M.D.N.A.’

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On Monday, March 26th, Madonna’s long-awaited 12th studio album, M.D.N.A. will finally be made available in its entirety on iTunes and elsewhere. Though any new release by the pop icon comes with plenty of buzz, in today’s world of song leaks and up-to-the-minute news bytes, the frenzy leading up to this one has been bigger than ever before. Even the singer herself has had to make adjustments along the way, and a weekend full of firsts has brought the excitement level up to fever pitch.

Back in September, it was announced that Madonna would finally be releasing a new album, her 12th, sometime in 2012. M.D.N.A. will be the first album full of new material for the singer since 2008’s Hard Candy, her longest span between albums. As the world has changed in the four years since, so has the singer’s approach towards promoting the new record.

Back in December, Madge had her first experience with today’s Internet-driven music landscape when a fan got a hold of and leaked an early version of M.D.N.A.‘s first single, “Gimme All Your Luvin.” The fan was subsequently arrested and the singer formulated a new strategy to combat unauthorized leaks by releasing preview snippets of them herself.

The new record, though, is now close at hand and the Queen of Pop has taken to the Web to promote the album, foregoing the usual methods of promotion. Saturday, she took part in an online streaming chat via Facebook with talk show host and comedian Jimmy Fallon. The streaming chat covered topics such as the new album and the upcoming tour, though she wouldn’t reveal too much about that, except that the first act will be entitled “Transgression.” She even taught him a few dance moves for the next time he finds himself in a club.

Madonna followed up the streaming chat with a live appearance the Miami Ultra Music Festival on Saturday night. It had been rumored all week that the singer would be making a surprise appearance somewhere, though no one was sure where that would be. She took to the stage to introduce DJ Avicii, who spun his own remix of her newest single, “Girl Gone Wild.”

” I’ve been here many years in spirit but it’s good to finally be here standing on the stage, looking at all you people who have come here from all around the world,” she told the audience. “In my world, the words music and dance are not separated, electronic music has been a part of my life since the beginning of my career and I can honestly say, that a DJ saved my life.”

The singer hung around with Avicii, dancing and doing her part to get the crowd enthused before heading backstage for pictures with dance music celebs, including DJ/producer David Guetta. Next up is M.D.N.A., and so far it has received mostly positive reviews. It looks like Miss M has once again adapted in transforming herself to keep up with the times.

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