Madonna Badger’s Ex-Husband Is Suing Over Daughters’ Deaths

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Madonna Badger has had a tough year already. She lost her parents and three daughters in a house fire on Christmas day, a fire that could easily have been prevented. In addition to that, she completely broke down early in January during the funeral for her loved ones, and she was also placed on suicide watch because she was so depressed. If this story isn’t depressive enough, it may just get much worse for the grieving mother.

Madonna’s ex-husband, Matthew Badger, is supposedly taking legal steps to sue his ex-wife over the blaze that took the life of his three daughters and his in-laws. It seems that he wants to sue her, claiming wrongful death. According to Hollywood Life, there seems to be some contradictions in the story. The website claims Matthew filed papers in Stamford Probate Court, but his lawyer denies a lawsuit against Madonna Badger. But the lawyer does criticize Madonna’s boyfriend, who was also the contractor on the house that was under development at the time of the blaze. In fact, the family wasn’t supposed to be in the home.

“The $1.7 million home didn’t have working smoke detectors at the time of the fire, and Michael is the one who put still-smoldering ashes from the fireplace into a trash enclosure,” writes Hollywood Life. So rather than suing Madonna herself, the lawsuit could potentially be directed at her boyfriend. “He (the boyfriend) was aware of the dangers, or should have been aware of dangers, that a civilian would have been unaware of. The fact that kids were living in this house was unbelievable… I don’t hold Madonna Badger responsible for that at all because I can’t imagine she would have understood the immediacy of the dangers,” Matthew’s lawyer explains.

In addition to this knowledge, it seems that police have not ruled out homicide or manslaughter in the blaze. While it is possibly just a horrible accident, it seems that investigators are taking precautions.

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