Madonna’s brother blasts Lady Gaga for sound-alike song

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If you’ve heard Lady Gaga’s new song, Born this Way, you may have noticed that it sounds a bit like Madonna’s Express Yourself.

“All I can say is ‘What the [expletive]. It sounds just like Express Yourself – I can’t believe it to tell you the truth,” Chris Ciccone told Radar Online. The songs do sound strikingly similar from the sLady GaGa croppedpeaking at the beginning to the overall beat, and Madonna’s brother isn’t the only one who noticed. Almost immediately after the song was released, there were several blog posts and articles about the songs familiarity.

Both songs speak to certain audiences and provide a sort of uplifting anthem. Express Yourself and Born this Way both embrace being yourself and not letting anyone tell you it’s wrong, something that many people deal with everyday.

Lady Gaga has been quiet in general lately, not posting a tweet since February 8. She hasn’t mentioned anything about the similarities between the two songs, but it’s likely that she will speak up some time soon. Do you think the songs are similar?


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