Madonna’s Daughter: Adoption Hearing Delayed

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And so the Madonna adoption drama continues.

The 50-year-old Material Mom spent about an hour in court Monday in the Malawi capital of Lilongwe — and it looks like she'll have to wait a little while longer to learn the ruling. Her adoption application was adjourned till Friday.

The four-year-old little girl in question (Chifundo James, which means Mercy) lost her mother at birth. Her father is thought to be alive, but no other details are known at this time.

OK, now there are two camps here: those pro-adoption and those anti-adoption for Madonna. In the Anti camp, folks pretty much think the world's needy kids can't be saved by moving them to Madonna's house. Even Save the Children is asking her to reconsider. And plenty of Malawi officials resent that Madonna's acting like a "bully" just because she has the money and status to manipulate the adoption process.

But there are plenty in the Pro camp, too. Some Malawians especially support Madonna's adoption effort. "We are blessed for what Madonna is doing here," said one of the onlookers outside the courthouse. Supporters think Madonna can provide a better life for the children. And how could anyone not be in support of that?

What do you think: does it make sense for Madonna to be granted another Malawai adoption? Do you think it's right for her to use her celebrity status to push for it?


source: The Huffington Post, CBS News

photo source: CBS News

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