Madonna’s Homeless Brother in Super Bowl Parking Lot During Her Performance

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While Madonna strutted her stuff at the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday, her homeless brother, Anthony Ciccone, was in the parking lot with a few of his homeless friends. A group of seven from the homeless shelter where he stays made the trek from Traverse City, Michigan to Indianapolis in hopes of making some money from a radio station challenge.

According to a report from Radar Online, the group managed to get their Super Bowl banner aired on the pre-game show. Upon returning to the radio station in Traverse City with some specifically required photos, Anthony Ciccone earned a payout of $183.75.

Le braccia da muratore di MadonnaDoes it seem to you that something is terribly wrong with this whole scenario? A singer earns millions performing inside a stadium while her homeless brother is outside in the parking lot? Even though people become estranged, wouldn’t you think Madonna would set up some sort of trust for her brother to help keep him safe–even if he feels he needs to remain on the streets? She could make sure he has access to plenty of food, warm clothing and health care. Many homeless people suffer from mental illness, and don’t want to leave their homeless lifestyle. It’s uncertain if that’s the case with Madonna’s brother, but the situation still exudes profound sadness.

“I’m proud of my sister,” Anthony Ciccone said in an interview about a year ago. “But it’s been a burden, because I can’t be me; I have to be related to a celebrity. People have their ideas and expectations. My sister’s a multimillionaire, but she earned it. I have to give her credit for that.”

Still it sounds as though he could use a hand out–even if only in the form of some love and respect.

“But you’d think there’d be some more family loyalty, and that’s not the case. Just to communicate would be nice,” he says.

What do you suppose the real situation is between Madonna and her homeless brother? Even though she likely had no idea he was in the parking lot while she performed at the Super Bowl, would it have made any difference had she known?

Does something about this sad situation beg for a revelation of the whole story? Is that version likely to ever be heard?

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