Madonna’s old age hampered her Super Bowl dance routine?

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The much-anticipated “Madonna Halftime” show for Super Bowl 2012 has come and gone with reviews mixed on how it all played out. The music and the visuals from Madonna’s performance aren’t under too much criticism, except for the lip syncing. Some reviews are pointing out that Madonna was less agile than her back-up dancers and put the blame on her age.

While Madonna looked in excellent form, she got suffered a hamstring injury this week, so if she was less limber than the rest of her crew, it might come from this. The “Material Girl” must feel exhausted after all the work and practice she put into this show, leaving the average person ready for a week in bed, but not Madonna. She did an amazing job all the way through, and even if she did this lip syncing, she never missed a beat!

One of the more negative critiques came from an article on the website SB Nation with the suggestion that “Madonna showcases old age” during her halftime event. They also picked up on the lip syncing which seemed a common thread between the reviews, but the only major complaint expressed about her show.

Madonna’s halftime show had writer Jay Lustig from Star Ledger’s review picking up on the lip syncing, but he smoothed that over with his closing words of praise. “I wasn’t thrilled about all the lip-synching, but visually, this was probably the most impressive Super Bowl halftime performance ever,” he wrote.

As anyone would expect Madonna went for the extravagant and the flamboyant, creating the audio and visual magnificence that she promised during the interviews leading up the Super Bowl. “The Material Girl” was a spectacular sight, and the show was definitely worth watching. Not many viewers would be compelled to walk away from this show to get a refill of Super Bowl snacks; it was that energetic and mesmerizing!

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