Maggot in KFC Chicken Makes Family Ill in California

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Kentucky Fried Chicken food is very unhealthy. It is full of fat and salt. A meal at this fast food chain is always a health risk. And now it seems a KFC in California offers even more risk than a possible heart attack.

Michelle Salazar of Sylmar, California rushed her family to the doctor after her family became ill after starting to share a bucket of KFC chicken. The food was purchased in San Fernando.

Salazar claims that her son said “There’s a maggot in my chicken,” notes KTLA. She claims he soon began to vomit. Shortly after that other family members fell ill. A doctor who examined members of the Salazar family diagnosed them with an intestinal infection. They were treated with antibiotics.

Ms. Salazar saved the chicken that she claims contains a maggot. Is this a new low in the quality of fast food? It must have been horrific to realize that a meal the family was enjoying had a maggot in it.

And one can only imagine the look the doctor gave this mother when she announced her family was eating KFC. Physicians recommend healthy eating. However, drive down any highway in America and the huge amount of fast food places clearly announces that a lot of people are eating a lot of fast food.

If this maggot story is true, Kentucky Fried Chicken is in for a huge amount of bad publicity. How could a maggot find its way into a piece of chicken? Did KFC use rotting chicken in its meals?

Kentucky Fried Chicken is owned by Yum Brands of Louisville, Kentucky. This company also owns Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, notes the New York Times. KFC has long been the subject of protests by PETA, an animal rights group.

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