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this life is rife

with toil and strife

we spiral down

can’t help but frown

we suffer through

more dark than light, it seems

not much redeems

in our struggle, we juggle

through the days and years

both joys and fears

but there are these;

magic moments -

precious friends -

the things on which true happiness

on whom all reasons “why?” depend

a break from our mundanity-

a respite from inanity

are your words that amaze

your lingering gaze

the thrill felt

if you’d trace my lips

with fingertips

and hear you whisper in my ear

“I’m here…!”

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The easy description is:Six foot four20-21 stone *280 lbs+*Silver blond hairWhite goateebald on top, full on the sidesI’m large... fast on my feetand built like a brick shithousebut, with a heart as soft as warmc

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