Makati City Construction Site Accident Kills 10 in Philippines

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Tragedy has struck the financial district of Makati City, southeast of Manila in the Philippines. A construction site accident on Thursday morning has claimed the lives of 10 individuals.

According to, the Makati City construction accident involved the CE Construction company.  The accident occurred as an electric gondola broke as it was carrying workers up the building to install glass panels.  The workers fell from the 28th floor of the building to the 7th floor.  One man survived the incident, but is listed in critical condition.

A company driver, Denny Villanueva, witnessed the horrific gondola drop and noted:

“It dropped so fast. It was carrying around eight people. Maybe the other victims were only hit as it passed, or were crushed under. It was their break time: they were probably hitching a ride to go down for lunch.”

The Philippine National Red Cross has released the names of the victims in this tragic accident:  Joel Abecilla, Celso Mabuting, Michael Tatlong Hari, Kevin Mabunga, Bonbon Cristobal, Rowel Perez, Vicente Piñion, William Ibañez, Jay K Legada and Jeffrey Diocado, Rommel Perez.  There was one survivor in the accident, Rowel Perez.

It’s hard to imagine what must be going through the minds of the workers at the site now.  This is truly a tragic incident for the families, friends and colleagues of all workers involved.

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