Making A ‘Fresh Guacamole’ Salad – With Grenades and Baseballs (Video)

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Stop-motion artist PES has just uploaded a new “How-To” video showing foodies a quick, easy recipe for fresh guacamole salad using some decidedly untraditional ingredients, including hand grenades and pin cushions. Mmmm! Delicious! But deadly…

This is a follow-up video to the viral hit Western Spaghetti which showed a time-saving method for preparing a hunger satisfying plate of steaming pasta made from Pixie Pickup Sticks and flavored with a light Rubik’s Cube seasoning. Easy on the motor oil!

It seems PES has evolved from the simple roots of posting stop-motion videos for fun into a powerhouse ad agency, with humorous commercial spots in the last few years for some big clients. See where a little home cooking can take a person?

In the latest entry into the everyday items cookbook, Fresh Guacamole adds a humorous twist to the dip at the end. But it’s best not to spoil the joke.

Here’s the video:

After a hearty helping of this appetizing fresh guacamole salad (for robots), there’s only one question left: What’s for dinner?

Dessert will be a surprise…

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