Making Home Canned Roasted Red Peppers.

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I started out the day with high hopes of getting all of my red peppers that I purchased (Peppers..peppers and more peppers ) taken care of.  Whether frozen, roasted or dehydrated.  I managed to get the roasted ones done today.  We ended up with a clogged drain which unfortunately involved the drain my kitchen goes to.  So it was fun cooking with not using my sink today. ;)

Here is my first ever adventure in roasting red peppers and canning them.  My house smells like roasted peppers…which smells delicious. ;)

I decided to roast my peppers on our grill as I have an electric stove and figured it would be much easier to get the char I wanted.  Here they are all lined up purdy. ;)


Just a different angle:


As they began to char I thought I’d stick on the few jalapenos that I had.  Maybe giving a couple of the jars a zing to them. :)


I guessed they were done.  I had never cooked anything that wasn’t done until I burnt it. LOL


Into the bucket they went and got covered waiting for them for the steam to help loosen the skins.


Here I am taking off the skins and removing the seeds, membranes and cutting them up into the size pieces I wanted.


Boiling my lids and rings: (I love the steam in the photo)


I sterilized my jars and now I’m going to fill them.


Into my pressure canner and waiting 35 minutes for them to process. (Cool reflections of my kitchen…lol)


I ended up from all those red peppers that I had on the grill into 6 pints of roasted peppers.  In two of the pints I also added the jalapenos.


I think they turned out pretty good.  Now hopefully tomorrow I can get the rest of the peppers I have taken care of. :)


Thanks for reading. :)



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