Maksim Chmerkovskiy and David Arquette Talk to E! After Tuesday’s ‘DWTS’

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DWTS has been filled with a wee bit of drama of late, thanks to Maksim Chmerkovskiy and just about anybody surrounding him. Luckily, Tuesday night’s show introduced a bit of humor and brevity. Fans were sad to see David Arquette hit the road, but he managed to get in a good joke or two before it happened. He got some good laughs at Maks’ expense, but how did the fiery Ukranian take the joke?

After it was announced that David Arquette would be leaving DWTS this week, he joked, “This is my show,” mocking what Maksim Chmerkovskiy said last week in a moment of frustration over the judge’s critique of his partner Hope Solo’s performance. While Maks has gone on to temper those remarks, Arquette just couldn’t help bringing them up one more time. David says it was all in good fun, telling E! “I was just ribbing Maks. I know what it’s like to say something silly and so you have to have fun with it. It was all really loose and fun for me.”

Of course E! couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask Maksim Chmerkovskiy what he thought of David Arquette’s quick quip. After a week of perhaps saying too much at times, Maks decided to keep it brief Tuesday night. “I’m flattered, it’s funny, he’s a cool guy.” The body language has been tense between Maks and Hope Solo this week, and many have perceived Chmerkovskiy as being frustrated and annoyed. While it may not be all that visible right now, long-time fans know that Maksim does have a great sense of humor, which was frequently evident last season with partner Kirstie Alley. Chances are pretty good that he did indeed take Arquette’s joke in the manner it was intended.

Here’s hoping that next week Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Hope Solo find a way to reconnect and have some fun again. After all, Dancing with the Stars is supposed to be fun. Just look at the mirror-ball trophy as the grand prize if you aren’t sure. Do you think Maks and Hope can put the tension aside and push through to the finale this season on DWTS?


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