Maksim Chmerkovskiy Takes Issue With Hope Solo’s ‘DWTS’ Abuse Claims

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Fans love to see the celebrities and the pros from Dancing With the Stars maintain friendships after their seasons are over. Unfortunately, this week it became quite clear that Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Hope Solo have not remained on very friendly terms. Maks may have thought they were at least cordial, but once excerpts of Hope’s book hit the web this week, things changed in a hurry.

In her new book, Solo: A Memoir of Hope, Hope says that Maks slapped her across the face and was quite awful to her. She claims that producers offered her a new partner, and she declined because she didn’t want to end up a villain. She has a lot of criticism for both Chmerkovskiy and the show itself, and it’s a very difficult read for fans of Maks and of the show.

MaksimchmerkovskiyMaks doesn’t deny that he can have a temper and can be a bit of a “bad boy,” but Solo’s allegations are beyond what anybody has heard about him before. Many wondered how Maks reacted when he heard about the details in Hope’s book, especially considering he had just tweeted his congratulations to Solo during the soccer team’s gold medal win during the 2012 Olympics last week.

A few hours after the chapter about Maks hit the web, he simply posted one tweet that doesn’t name Hope Solo specifically, but pretty clearly seems directed at her. He wrote, “Always hated hypocrites and liars…but when someone is both AND an opportunist, I just feel bad for them. Can’t win at someone’s expense…” Just before his tweet his publicist, Lizzie Grubman, tweeted, “Karma is a Bitch!” and Maks quickly retweeted it and added “Yes, it is…” Maks also unfollowed Hope on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

Have you seen excerpts of Hope’s book? It is definitely interesting that she never gave Maks or his publicist any kind of heads-up about what would be included in the book, and seemingly let them find out when everybody else did. She accused one of her coaches of being abusive to her too, and he quickly released a statement that it was not true.

What do you think of Hope writing a chapter with all of these allegations? What do you think of how Maksim Chmerkovskiy has handled it so far?

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