Maksim Chmerkovskiy Was a No-Show In Chattanooga, Tennessee

Maksim Chmerkovskiy was to perform in Chattanooga, Tennesseeon Saturday night. The fourth annual event, staring Maks, had been advertised for weeks. For those who purchased tickets to the Dancing With The Stars of Chattanooga charity event, many must have been disappointed. There was lots of dancing, glitzy customs and the 8 contestants put on a fantastic show. But were was Maks?

This charity event, even without Maks, was still successful as always. The Tivoli Theater in Chattanooga was the venue for the fundraiser for the Partnership for Families, Children and Adults. The Chattanooga paper, The Times Free Press as well as First Tennessee Bank sponsored the event.

While there were most likely some disappointed audience members, they clapped and cheered for the contestants who performed the cha-cha and other difficult dances. It is reported by the Times Free Press that the reason Maksim Chmerkovskiy didn’t show was due to travel problems and illness. That is a shame, because he would have lit up the stage if he had been there.

The event was a success and people were pleased that the revamped downtown area of Chattanooga has attracted entertainment such as this. It was a win-win situation, even without Maks!

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