Man Attempts to Sell Michael Jackson’s X-Rays

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Michael Jackson’s chest x-rays are being shopped around for a buyer. The asking price is an astounding $3,000. Is nothing sacred?

A man with apparently little to no self respect has attempted to sell chest x-rays from when the King of Pop was ill with pneumonia on March 26, 2007. According to Radar Online, they were propositioned with the x-rays in hopes that they would buy the creepy piece of memorabilia.

This move shows a new kind of low when it comes to profiting from Jackson. You’d think that his medical records and all images contained within would be safe from being sold, but it seems that’s just not the case any more.

The x-rays are credited to being those of Mike Smythe, which appears to be one of many aliases that the star used for medical procedures. The birthday attached to them does, indeed match Jackson’s August 29, 1958 birthday.

There’s no guarantee that these x-rays even belonged to Jackson, but the person trying to sell them claims they were taken while in Vegas. The technician who took them apparently kept a copy for their own nefarious agenda and decided that since they no longer worked at the medical facility that they’d try to cash in on the medical images.

Assuming these are, indeed Jackson’s x-rays, the move is wrong on every level. Can’t people just let him be without invading his privacy in search of the all mighty dollar? It would seem that would be next to impossible when you are a star as big and as bright as Jackson was. Maybe some day people will show some respect for the dead.

What do you think of this latest move to profit from Jackson? Weigh in below.

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