Man Bribes Daughter to Quit Facebook

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Paul Baier of Wellesley, Massachusetts persuaded his 14-year-old daughter Rachel to deactivate her Facebook account for a period of five months by paying her $200. Rachel actually signed a contract which was sealed in an envelope after shutting down her account and giving her password to her father. According to the terms of the contract, the first $50 was to be paid almost immediately while the final $150 would be due at the end of the agreement, as reported by International Digital Times.

Paul, who has a blog called Practical Sustainability, has become very active in getting parents to have more involvement in their children’s social media lives.

Although it didn’t take much convincing to get Rachel to quit the site, odds are, most teens would demand a lot more than $200 to take five months off from the world’s most popular social network.

Interestingly, The Guardian reports that two-thirds of Facebook users have voluntarily taken breaks from the network, lasting for several weeks or longer. Top reasons for these users’ apparent disenchantment with the site include, “excessive gossip or drama from their friends” to “concerns about privacy.”

There are probably many parents who would gladly pay their kids $200 or more to quit the site. But if their teenagers take them up on it, both parties should be prepared for some serious social networking withdrawal.

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