Man Buckles “Diego’ into Seat To Use HOV Lane

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A man buckled in a Diego stuffed doll in order to use the HOV lane when a state trooper pulled him over in Washington. If people were as innovative at doing the right thing, as they are trying to outsmart the system, they could be wealthy enough to fly rather than drive.

‘Diego’ Rides in HOV Lane

The cheating Diego never moved when Washington state police stopped the car along Interstate 405 on ramp. What caught the trooper’s eye? No child sits as still as Diego. The doll never budged, and his eyes were fixed straight ahead.

“The state patrol says troopers were stationed Nov. 29 along an Interstate 405 onramp, pulling over people who were driving in the high occupancy lane with only one person in the car. That’s when the odd “passenger” drew one trooper’s notice.”

The star of Nickelodeon children’s show “Go, Diego, Go!” had no statement, but the driver of the vehicle was ticketed for using the HOV lane with only one live person in the car. The man chose to break the law with his daughter’s doll. Maybe he should explain to his daughter why he got this ticket.

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 03: Two motorcyclists drive in the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane, also called the diamond or commuter lane, on the 118 or Ronald Reagan Freeway on February 3, 2005 near Simi Valley, California. To encourage sales of environmentally-friendly hybrid cars, lawmakers are contemplating legislation that would allow states to determine whether to allow hybrid vehicles with no additional passengers to be driven in highway HOV lanes, currently reserved only for motorcycles and vehicles carrying multiple passengers. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

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