Man Dead in California Tsunami

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After a tsunami swept through Crescent City, California, a man is dead after being swept out to sea.  25-year old Joey Young is presumed dead after disappearing in the wave that slammed into the coastal region before drawing back into the ocean. He hasn’t been spotted as of 2:40 am, Saturday March 12, 2011. Joey, an amateur photographer, had arrived to the shoreline with friends to take pictures of the incoming tsunami. Although his friends were able to safely make it away in time, Joey wasn’t as lucky. His body isn’t expected to be found.

Earlier during Friday afternoon, California governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency for four counties including Humboldt, San Mateo and Santa Cruz. Even though the emergency was downgraded later to a warning, the state of California still experienced a mortality due to the tsunami that came from Japan.

Another mortality reported by officials may not be related to the tsunami, but a man with a history of heart problems was discovered on his boat after the ruckus died down Friday evening.

Caution is to be taken into consideration for visitors and citizens of the California coastline, as experts believe the waterline can be temperamental for the next several hours to few days. As the waves move to and fro from the ocean to the shore, they can grow and reach as tall as 6 feet, lending to the illusion of the tsunami returning. It is advised to stay clear of shore and beach areas until the waterline returns back to a docile state.

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