Man Feared Obama Re-Election, Killed Family and Self

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Albert Peterson feared Obama will be re-elected in November (and he probably will), so he did something horrific. He took the lives of his wife and children before killing himself because his fear of the current president drove him to the boiling point of his already blatant paranoid insanity.

The family was found shot dead on Tuesday and has been reported as your average, run-of-the-mill murder-suicide in a family setting. A person close to the family revealed to sources, however, that hatred of President Barack Obama drove Albert Peterson to shoot his two sons and wife dead before turning the gun on himself.

This is absolutely tragic and something that loved ones have only partially expected. Peterson was known to have battled depression for quite some time, and those close to him have even believed that he’d one day kill himself. They just didn’t realize that he’d also kill two innocent children and their mother in the process—all because of some idiotic political frame of mind. It’s a shame that this man’s paranoia and extreme depression pushed him over the brink of reason, but one has to wonder if this story will be used as an example of the political climate by attention-hungry pundits.

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