Man Gets 17 Years for Terror Plot with Remote Control Planes

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A man with a terror plot by using remote control planes was sentenced for 17 years in prison. Good! His main targets were the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol.

Vic N. new plane.According to ABC News, the man from Massachusetts was planning on putting explosives on remote control planes and start terrorizing the U.S. in the name of al-Qaida.

Very clever! Must have gotten the idea from the Dirty Harry movie The Dead Pool released in 1988. In that movie, the villain used a remote control car to blow up his victims by driving the toy underneath the target.

Anyway, this man, Rezwan Ferdaus of Ashland, was caught by the FBI. Undercover Feds posing as al-Qaida members sold explosives and guns to Ferdaus.

The agents involved clarified that the explosives were imitations and not harmful to the public. What about the guns, huh?

It is a good thing to know that this country is on the lookout for dangerous people like Rezwan. It should make people feel safer as Americans, unless the story was fabricated to make Americans feel like the U.S. is the safest place on the planet. Something to think about! Just kidding!

Yes, this society gets a loon popping out rounds and killing people here and there, but loons trying to take down the country’s infrastructure! That is a big no-no! Well, loons going on a killing spree are a big no-no too, but this society just keeps producing them. It sucks but it’s something Americans have to accept.

The ones with a terror plot and want to destroy what this country stands for have to get taken down quickly! Thank you, Feds that sell fake explosives to crazy men. Do something about the guns, though!

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