Man in Horse Mask Goes Viral During Hurricane Sandy

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A man in a horse mask photobombed Hurricane Sandy news coverage this morning adding a bit of levity to the otherwise somber coverage. The Horse Mask Man video quickly went viral earlier today.

A 27-year-old executive from a marketing firm, Jimmy Kruyne, outed himself as the Horse Mask Man. In fact, prior to his photobomb appearance, he tweeted, “The news crew is down the block, I’m thinking horse mask and swimming trunks?” It seems he followed through with the strange plan, because not too long after that, he was filmed running shirtless in a horse mask as Hurricane Sandy bore down on Bloomingdale.

As to why a horse head? Jimmy Kruyne said, “I actually bought it a couple [of] years ago, just for fun. I thought it would be nice to have a horse mask around in case something comes up.” That is strange. Did you happen to see him today during the “frankenstorm” coverage? What did you think of this unusual sight?

If you missed the shirtless horse man, you can check out the video below to see what you have been missing all day long.

Photo Source: Tumblr

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