‘Man of Steel’ Trailers Show a New Kind of Superman: Video

Two nearly identical trailers released this weekend give an intriguing peek at Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot and hint at a decidedly different take on the Man of Steel. In fact, given the evocative imagery, haunting music, and somber but touching voiceovers, at first you may have almost as much trouble recognizing that this is a Superman movie as Lois Lane had figuring out Clark Kent’s true identity. Take a look:

The first features the voice of Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Kal-El’s biological father from Krypton, while the voice in the second version is Kevin Costner’s, as his adoptive Earth father, Jonathan Kent. Both strike a heavily emotional note while addressing the weight of responsibility resting on Kal-El/Clark/Superman’s powerful shoulders.

If these trailers are anything to go by, this is going to be a Superman never seen before — certainly far removed from the colorful, often amused comic-book atmosphere of the Christopher Reeve movies. (And hopefully nothing like the dud that was 2006’s Superman Returns.)

Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan’s involvement as a producer and co-writer is also a sign that Superman is up for a startling reinvention in line with what Nolan did for Batman. You can already see his hand all over these teaser trailers. The beautiful shots of nature and scenes of a very human-looking, bearded Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) going about his fairly mundane business are like something out of a completely different type of film.

Moody, naturalistic, and even a little philosophical as seen in these clips, Man of Steel seems like it will focus on the “man” part as much as the “steel.” Whether you think that’s a good thing or not, it will certainly be interesting to see more of what Snyder and Nolan come up with when the full trailers come out ahead of the movie’s release in summer 2013.

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