Man Shot at McDonald’s after Harassing Customers

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An off-duty corrections officer shot a man who was harassing McDonald’s Customers on Saturday. Witnesses say the deranged man attacked a customer who was waiting in line at a Brooklyn, New York location.

According to bystanders, The shooting occurred when the 36-year-old man attacked a 67-year-old customer. Police say when the victim attempted to call 911, the attacker grabbed the elderly mans cellphone and hit him with it. At that time 35-year-old off-duty correction officer Michael Turnbull intervened.

One would think the sight of an armed person confronting this man would cause him to back off, but not this McLovin individual. He decided attacking the corrections officer would lead to a better outcome on his part. Unfortunately for him — he was wrong.

Apparently Turnbull shot the attacker in the left leg after he advanced on him with a metal pipe in tow. Now there is some intelligence. Gun vs Metal Pipe. Apparently he did not get the memo that the bullets in the gun would move faster than his arm could swing that pipe.

At any rate, this did not slow the McDonald’s mayhem causing loon. He decided to keep his eye on the prize and continued to advance on Turnbull with the now wounded leg and metal pipe still swinging. At that time Mr. Turnbull shot him in the left leg a second time, police said.

Stacy Houston, who saw the McDonald’s drama play out, said “The guy came in and was looking to fight anyone he could find.”

Well it looks like his fighting days are over for now. At least until his leg can heal, and he gets back some of his ego.

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