Man Sues Hippie Arcade Operator Over Pinball Prowess

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An unemployed, 30-something man is suing the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas because of his wizardry at the pastime.

John Luckett claims he has mastered the game of Xenon, “Beyond incredible defeat,” and was vexed by “hippie” arcade operator Tim Arnold, who kept “86ing” him from the establishment.

The plaintiff is seeking damages in excess of $10,000 and has filed 11 complaints. Luckett also wants $300 for each therapy visit he will need to overcome the trauma of a tussle with Arnold.

Gawker reported the non-profit gaming museum allegedly resents Luckett because of his “pinball wizardry” and ability to play for many hours for only 50 cents.

Luckett doesn’t even appreciate the hard work of the volunteers at the pinball establishment.

“I asked [a male volunteer] to fix several machines that day,” he said. “I got angry at him because I wanted him to fix Xenon within a relatively short period of time and he didn’t.”

Hopefully, a judge will quickly dismiss this case. Unless there are other factors which haven’t been disclosed yet, it seems truly frivolous. Luckett also has a reputation for being very litigious. After all, he has been suing people since his teens, and has filed many suits around the country. More penalties need to be imposed on people who abuse the civil courts.

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