Man Who Murdered Lynn Jackenheimer Could Be Anywhere

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Lynn Jackenheimer was stabbed and strangled by Nate Summerfield before he stuffed her body in a garbage bag and left her in an abandoned lot in North Carolina. Her body has been laid to rest, but the man is still at large, nowhere to be found. Police have continued the search for the accused murderer, and there have been several alleged sightings of him, but will he ever be brought to justice?

Reports say that Summerfield has been charged with the murder of Lynn Jackenheimer, but there hasn’t been a confirmed sighting of him since he dropped off her children in Ashland, Ohio. He was last seen driving a 2009 Honda Civic 4-door with Ohio plates. However, it’s believed that he changed the plates with stolen ones to avoid detection. This claim would probably mesh with an alleged sighting of him fiddling with the plates on his car in Columbia, Ohio.

If you see Nate Summerfield, please contact the authorities immediately. Your local police will be able to handle the situation, or you can contact the US Marshals.

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