Man with the Golden Voice Confesses on the ‘Today’ Show! (Video)

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The man with the golden voice has been panhandling on the streets of Ohio, and now has appeared on the “Today” show! Can you believe it? This is certainly a rags to riches story for Ted Williams. 

Who is the man with the golden voice?

Just a few days ago, Ted Williams was videotaped while singing next to a Columbus freeway. He stood with a handwritten sign in his hands and sang with his golden voice. When Doral Chenoweth, a Columbus Dispatch web producer, viewed the video tape, she realized that Williams possessed a golden pipes. She was amazed. He had a voice for radio.

So Chenoweth decided to put the video on her website. Ted Williams has turned from homeless to a man with many job offers! We have all seen the homeless person standing with a handwritten sign.

Most of the time, they are either ignored or given a few bucks. However, this time, Ted Williams has hit it big as the man with the golden voice.

What happened on the “Today” show with Ted Williams?

Thursday was the former homeless man’s big day. Ted Williams appeared on the “Today” show with Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira. He told them that he had ended up on the streets 15 years ago. Wow! Williams lived a long time as a homeless man.

Williams readily admitted on the “Today” show that he has struggled with a drinking problem. He said, “Alcohol had always been a part of my life; I did have an alcohol problem at an early age.”

However, it was not drinking that ruined the Ted Williams’ singing career. It was a drug problem that caused the downfall of his music career in 1993. The man with the golden voice humbly admitted on the “Today” show, “I started snorting cocaine and then I started smoking it, the crack and all of that.”

Ted Williams’ story is one of hope. Never give up! In America anything is possible. A person can even turn from being homeless to a YouTube sensation in the matter of three days. Have you heard the man with the golden pipes sing? What do you think of WilliamsÂ’ voice?

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