Manager Scott Braun pleads not guilty; teen pop star Justin Bieber shows his support

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The reach of Twitter is now considered so massive that it’s thought to stop stampedes. Need an example? Teen pop star Justin Bieber’s manager, Scott “Scooter” Braun, landed in hot water after not tweeting fast enough. Looks like someone needs to upgrade his phone and get a cell connected to the Internet.
In November 2009, authorities asked Braun to warn fans via Justin Bieber’s Twitter page that the teen pop-star’s signing event was cancelled at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, New York. He did, but he was an hour and a half too late, according to authorities.
Today, Braun pled not guilty when he turned himself over to Nassau County police.
The stampede reportedly started even before the Twitter request by police, but that doesn’t stop police from charging Braun with criminal nuisance and reckless endangerment. Police claim they cancelled the event due to overcrowding, and then asked Braun to tweet that the event was cancelled. I suppose they hoped that people would be checking their Twitter accounts even as they were trying to push forward to get a glimpse of 16-year-old Bieber.
Braun didn’t send out a tweet alerting fans until he received a call from James Roppo, a senior VP at Island Def Jam Records. Roppo, too, is facing charges. While no arrest of Roppo has been made, he will still need to deal with a bunch of misdemeanors that range from endangering the welfare of children to obstructing governmental administration.
If convicted, Braun might get up to one year in jail in addition to fines.


Braun’s client continues to stand behind him. After Bieber arrived in Chicago today for a concert, he tweeted, “You’ve got my total support. Wish you were here in Chicago with us.”
Bieber and his team were also wearing “Free Scooter” t-shirts, according to the E! Online blog and  Giuliana Rancic.
Something tells me this tweeting controversy ain’t over. Braun’s hearing is set for April 7th.

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