Manchester United Transfer News and Rumors: Alex Sanchez Still Possible?

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The latest Manchester United transfer news and rumors point to the team signing Alexis Sanchez. Yesterday it seemed as if the forward was heading to Barcelona, but now it appears as if teams are still on the hunt for the Udinese forward.

Manchester United Trasfer News and Rumors: Alex Sanchez Still Possible?For the year, Manchester United has already made the biggest moves, but they still hope to sign Sanchez. Right now the forward is in Chile getting ready to play in the Copa America.

While the Udinese and Barcelona are still negotiating for Sanchez, their offer appears to be much lower than the one Manchester United has put on the table, which means he could still be moving to the team. United’s offer was £28 million compared to Barcelona’s £24 million. Plus, Sanchez would have more playing time with United.

So far, nothing has been formally announced. What do you think will happen with the latest transfer news and rumors for the football team? Right now, they are very much playing a waiting game.

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