Manga Love (A photo essay of drawings by my 13 year old daughter)

Jade has always danced to the beat of her own drummer.  She walked early, she talked early and she learnt to read fast.  She was writing poems and stories as soon as she could but what she didn't like much was drawing.  Even at age 7 she really couldn't do a decent person.  Her interests in stories and make believe became strange at around age 9 when she took an interest in demons and witchcraft.  I am fairly sure this came from a friend of hers named Samantha, but other than that I have no idea where she got it from.  I was fairly disturbed by the information about demons and when she was 10 she was telling us that she was really a demon in human form.  I tried educating her about Wicca and the good practice of witchcraft and tried to ignore the rest of her spiels about the demon world.  Sometime around this age or maybe a year later she discovered anime and manga.  She was drawing more elaborate demon pictures that quite frankly were not very good but detailed more. She practiced though.  Only in the past two years has she started reading manga books and drawing ALL the free time she gets when she is not reading.  Her drawings are improving and I think they are worth showcasing here for you.  One of her favorite shows is Naruto.  There was a marathon on about a month ago and she sat for about twenty hours in front of her tv and watched even getting up way early on a weekend to watch.  This is a girl who is 13 and likes to sleep until noon if she had a chance to.

When I decided to do this photo essay I lamented that I don't have any pictures of her earlier work to show how her drawing has improved.  I hope though that I have given the idea that she wasn't very good and I was more leaning toward her being good at writing.

She does these drawings in her spare time and I am going to be getting her a sketch book without lines because she is just doing these on notebook paper.  She wants to sell her artwork to her friends and though I thought no one would buy she has offers of up to $2 on some of these that I am showcasing.  These are the originals and some photocopied ones that I photographed. The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The next one was done about eight months ago and my husband who is quite tattoed has requested this one as one of his next tattoos.  The demon is sitting on a pillar of skulls.  There is more to this picture on the left that I cropped out of a girl being held in chains but this is what I wanted to show rather than the whole picture.

Despite the fact that I personally don't understand the whole manga/anime thing, I really do think that she is getting quite good at her drawings from this genre.  Here is a girl she did:

And another one:  

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Sorry about the quality of the one above.  Did not come out as good as I hoped.

The one above is interesting to me as I love the squiggly lines detail.  Can you tell I am still

not aware of what manga is all about? with girl laying on ground.  I didn't see her at first.  She loves to detail though. And here are some more without commentary because I'm not very good at it.  I just like them, don't have to understand them.  She wants to go to art college now but I have told her that she needs to learn to draw other stuff too.  She's not ready for that though once we told her to draw our "Pillsbury Dough Boy cookie jar" as a still life.  She did pretty good.  She just wants to do these kinds for now.  She is after all nearly 14.  She has time.

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Well, she awaits your feedback on her pictures and that is all for now.  Hope you enjoyed the gallery of pictures.

This is the artist at Halloween this year.  The only thing different about her from ordinary days is the wig, her black hair is shorter underneath with the blond coming back in at the roots.  Also the makeup is slightly heavier than normal and I don't allow the black lipstick yet either.  Eyeliner I don't mind.  I kept the red eye in the picture as she likes the look.  More demon-esque.  So, the clothes are everyday wear for her.  I'm so liberal, don't you think?  :D

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