Marc Anthony’s Affair (Video): Caught Drinking with Sexy Brunette! Seriously?

Marc Anthony’s affair rumors continue to be sparked as he is seen getting close and drinking with a sexy brunette. Who is she? The shocking news of the divorce of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez just hit last Friday. People are still reeling from the news.

There has been much speculation about why the celebrity couple are ending their 7-year relationship. Rumors have sparked that Anthony is just too controlling for the likes of Lopez. He is apparently paranoid about her male relationships, and he controls the way J-Lo dresses.

Is this true? It has not been confirmed or denied by Lopez or Anthony at this time if they are divorcing over Anthony’s controlling ways.

Marc Anthony’s affair has also been targeted as the reason for the split up of the couple’s relationship. Back in 2009, Anthony had an affair with a stewardess aboard the flight of his private plane.

Lopez wanted a divorce, but she decided to work on her marriage to Anthony after marital counseling. She must have been thinking of the couple’s beautiful children.

Others have speculated that Jennifer Lopez has chosen her rising career over her relationship with Marc Anthony. Could this rumor be true? After all, Lopez’s success skyrocketed after she judged on American Idol.

Now, Anthony has been spotted getting close and having some drinks with a sexy brunette in Pitbull’s new music video, Rain Over Me. In the video, she is actually flirting with Anthony more than he seems interested in her.

Fortunately for Lopez and her children, the rumor of a present day affair for Marc Anthony remains untrue. Hopefully, this couple will work out their differences for the sake of their precious twins.

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