March Madness 2012 Bracket Predictions from Dick Vitale of ESPN

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The March Madness 2012 bracket predictions are coming in as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament approaches. In particular, ESPN’s analyst Dick Vitale has provided his latest picks and thoughts for who will be in the “Big Dance.”

With Selection Sunday time approaching, fans will soon be filling out those printable blank brackets for the NCAA tournament. ESPN will be one of the channels handling coverage of all the madness, and one of their top “mad men” is analyst Dick Vitale. So who does Dickie V have in his field for the NCAA bracket?

Well he calls his field of 68 based on the VBDI, or Vitale Bald Dome Index. That could mean he is basing this off his basketball brain, which at times seems to show a bit of favoritism towards certain squads. Yes Dickie V would’ve been a loyal Duke fan or associated with their college basketball team in a different life.

Like many others have noted, should St. Bonaventure hold on to defeat Xavier in the A-10 championship game, they’ll steal a bid from one of the “last four in.” Vitale believes that will be Mississippi State who gets knocked out should the Bonnies win. If Xavier wins, things will stay as he currently has them. Vitale adds in his comments on the latest picks:

“Personally, I would reward more of the mid-majors like Iona for great play during the regular season.

We will find out on Sunday how this all plays out. The committee may see things a little differently, like with VCU last season.”

The four regions will be Midwest, West, South and East for the 2012 edition of the NCAA tournament. The #1 seeds in those regions could be changing by the minute as the conference title games finish up. However, Dick Vitale believes the Big East will receive the most teams of all. A few of his single conference team selections include Vermont of America East, Montana of Big Shy, Detroit of the Horizon, and Norfolk State of the MEAC. See all Vitale’s teams at the ESPN site.

Of course, once the actual March Madness 2012 bracket is revealed on Sunday night, Vitale will be among those whose voices are heard. He’ll likely be praising the committee for their great work, or yelling about how they messed it up. Get ready for that madness!

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