Marco Rubio takes aim at Obama and Biden!

Marco Rubio, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, takes aim at both President Obama for his administration’s failures, and Joe Biden for, well, being Joe Biden.

Sen. Marco Rubio is of Cuban descent, and that being said, Obama and Biden have all but wrapped up the Latino vote, but enter Marco Rubio! Obama had an easy time of it in 2008, because he had little or no history. Obama could do no wrong because all he had to do was point out George Bush’s failures, but now, Obama has many failures of his own. He has too many in fact, and Biden is just baggage to the Obama campaign.

Marco Rubio was on Fox News this morning, and he avoided questions about his possible nomination to be Mitt Romney’s running mate. However, he took every chance he could to slam Obama and Biden, but it was not that much fun as he had so much with which to work.

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