Maria Schriver Schwarzenegger is better than the rest of us or so she thinks.

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According to TMZ, “California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife — a known scofflaw — has dodged ticket after ticket on the west side of Los Angeles … talking on her cell phone while driving, parking in a red zone, parking at an expired meter while buying a muffin and driving without a seat belt.

But on Friday — in the thick of Brentwood’s shopping district — time ran out for Maria. The meter was empty, and now, thanks to a vigilant parking officer, California’s coffers will be a little more plentiful.

But if you think it’s lesson learned … Maria grabbed the ticket, got behind the wheel of her SUV, and rolled through a stop sign.”

Now, I want to know, when is someone going to do something about this woman?  Are we waiting for her to kill someone?  I am very upset and think the govenor and his wife need to hear loud protests.  She certainly has the money to pay the parking ticket, but that’s not the point.  Her husband and her family of Kennedys are supposed to uphold the law.  She is an embarassment to California, and if I lived there, I’d protest until my computer keys wore out!

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