Maria Shriver Blasts Paparazzi Over Situation With Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Maria Shriver has had just about all she can take. Between husband Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent revelations about a love child, the dissolution of her marriage, and even the barrage of reporters and photographers clamoring for pictures and quotes–the poor lady was bound to blow a fuse.

According to a report from ETOnline, that’s exactly what she did. Shriver blasted a member of the paparazzi who was hounding her recently while she and her kids were out on a hike.

It seems Maria Shriver had been asked just one time too many about the status of her marriage with Arnold Schwarzenegger, when she lost her patience. As with everything Maria does, however, she blasted the guy in a dignified and very ladylike manner.

“It’s over, OK?” was her curt reply to the paparazzo.

As the man placed his camera back inside his car, she decided she wasn’t quite finished with him.

“I’d really appreciate it if you would let me have my privacy with my children OK?” Maria Shriver said to the man.

While it’s unclear what his response to her was, she ended the pretty much one-sided conversation with a kind word.

“God bless you,” she said to the man.

There were no four-letter words hurled. She didn’t insult the man or even his profession. All she did was conduct herself in a dignified manner and ask him to please leave her and her children alone.

Maria ShriverConsidering what Maria Shriver has been going through, she certainly showed great control and amazing poise in this situation. She must be so tired and hurt–and to continually be asked questions about Arnold Schwarzenegger must simply add insult to a very deep injury.

Good for Maria Shriver for (a) demanding nicely that the paparazzo leave her and her kids alone, and (b) for doing so in a manner that doesn’t equate her in any way with the kind of person her husband is. At least her kids have one upstanding role model to emulate.

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