Maria Shriver Could Get $100M in Divorce Settlement

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Maria Shriver could get $100M or more in her divorce settlement with Arnold Schwarzenegger. While her cheating husband isn’t keen on the whole divorce idea (despite his infidelity), Maria is going to make out just fine. Of course money doesn’t fix the broken family, but at least she’s going to be able to “take” something from Arnold.
Maria Shriver at Womens Conference book signing October 2010
“Maria Shriver is certainly entitled to a generous amount in the settlement, one that is consistent with her lifestyle. If Arnold’s net worth is $300,000 million she should get half of that plus child support,” says legal expert, Susan Filan.

As many people know, Shriver gave up a lot to support her husband. She gave up her career, and her life as she knew it to fully support Arnold. While she did make some money on her own, she couldn’t really capitalize, living in the shadow of her super successful husband. She and her four children are going to be well taken care of, and her lawyers will make sure of that. She deserves that and more.

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