Maria Shriver definitely divorcing Arnold

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According to Maria Shriver’s friends, she is definitely divorcing Arnold Schwarzenegger! If her hiring a divorce attorney wasn’t enough evidence for you, her friends are saying that her marriage? Is totally over.
Maria Shriver at Womens Conference book signing October 2010
“Maria absolutely will be filing for divorce. It’s not a matter of if [she] will file for divorce, but when,” said a source close to the family. This news cannot be surprising to anyone, seeing as Arnold not only had a couple of affairs but he also fathered at least one love child and kept these nasty secrets from his wife and their four children. Maria would be crazy to stay with him after all that he has done behind her back.

It is one thing to have an affair but it is another to live with such dark secrets for so long. It’s time for Maria to get away from this guy and for the whole family to begin the healing process. Hopefully their divorce won’t be drawn out because that makes it really hard on the kids.

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