Maria Shriver praised by Gayle King

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Long time Oprah Winfrey BFF, Gayle King, is praising Maria Shriver for putting on a brave face and going about her business. The night that she found out that her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, would be going public with his Maria Shriver at Womens Conference book signing October 2010 cropaffair–and his love child, Maria joined Oprah and Gayle for dinner. She didn’t cancel, or run in to a hole and hide (even if she wanted to), and Gayle thinks that’s wonderful.

“Not only did she come, she came, she showed up, she did the part. [She’s] a class act and she’s handling it with such grace, trying to figure out what to do…how to help the children through. It’s just a very difficult time and heartbreaking to see. The more [I] hear about the story, the sicker I get,” said Gayle.

Gayle is right–it must be so difficult for Maria and the children to be dealing with this. However, Maria is such a strong woman and she will be able to get through this.

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