Maria Shriver Receives Numerous Offers for TV Spots, Turns Them Down

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Maria Shriver has received numerous offers from networks to go back on TV. She has reportedly turned them all down, saying she wants to spend more time with her children.

According to a report from TMZ, both broadcast and cable networks have offered jobs to Shriver. She has turned each of them down. The chaos her family has experienced in recent months–due mostly to the love child scenario created by husband Arnold Schwarzenegger–has left Maria feeling like her kids may need her now more than ever before. And that’s exactly where she plans to spend her time.

It seems these same networks that are offering Maria Shriver jobs are also offering her big bucks for an exclusive interview, so they can get the real scoop about the entire Arnold Schwarzenegger situation. However–as with the job offers–Shriver has thus far turned them down as well. Rumor has it that if and when she does give in to an interview, it will most likely be with Oprah Winfrey. Maria has a ‘special place in her heart for Oprah.’

Once again, kudos are in order for Maria Shriver. She so clearly has her priorities straight, and no amount of money can sway her from her beliefs. Her children are truly fortunate to have one parent who exudes such a strong sense of stability and integrity. She could be rolling in the dough from tell-all interviews–and hopefully one day she will. Arnold doesn’t deserve the time of day–let alone the respect she has shown him.

For now Maria Shriver is content to be a mother who is trying to pick up the pieces of her life and move on. She won’t take a network job and she won’t give in to interviews. This simply isn’t the right time for her to commit to anything like that.

You’re one impressive lady, Maria Shriver. (Too bad the same can’t be said for Arnold!)

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