Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Nude Pics Draw Remorse

Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon decided to have nude pics taken to celebrate Carey’s recent pregnancy. The nude photos have now started to make Cannon think twice about what they decided to do because he realizes that his kids are going to see them.

The photos were reportedly done in a tasteful and artistic way, but it still seems to come down to whether or not the pop stars should have done them in the first place.  It also sounds like there wasn’t a lot of thought that went into the decision by the couple to have them taken.

Now that these is a bit of remorse involved in this situation, it actually seems like they have an easy way out of the situation.  If they don’t want their kids to see the nude photos, then it is as simple as destroying the ones that they possess and gaining ownership of any master copies that their photographer might have.  Destroying all the evidence seems like an easy way to prevent any future embarrassments with the kids.

This seemed like a risky endeavor when it was first leaked that they were having the pictures taken, especially in a world where these would be criss-crossing the internet in a matter of moments if they ever got out.  For the couple, it was probably a special moment between the two of them, and it could remain that way if they don’t make it a priority to display them all over the house.

What do you think about their decision to have the photos done?  Would you ever consider doing something like this with your spouse?

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