Mariah Carey Shows Up with Armed Guard After Nicki Minaj Threat—Overreaction or Necessary Precaution?

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Mariah Carey is apparently taking the threat Nicki Minaj allegedly made very seriously. In true diva fashion, Mariah showed up to the American Idol auditions surrounded by police and security guards. Does she actually think Nicki would be dumb enough to take a shot at her in the middle of the day or ever, for that matter?

It sounds like somebody, ahem, Mariah, is a drama llama and taking it all way over the top. The entire catfight is ridiculous. Many are already calling out the producers for orchestrating the drama in an effort to boost ratings. Mariah’s armed detail this morning in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is overkill.

She played up her diva role and dressed to kill in a hot pink dress that left nothing to the imagination and stilettos that she could hardly walk in. Seriously, if she had to make a quick getaway, those are not exactly sensible running shoes. She even had one of her minders holding an umbrella over her head to protect her from the sun.

They need to grow up and act like the adults they are supposed to be. These guys are mentors? This is not the example young singers need to be seeing. Mariah Carey is stirring the pot and seems to be getting a kick out of it. Get over yourselves, ladies. The drama is clearly a lot of hype.

What do you think of Mariah’s decision to beef up security? Overreaction or a necessary precaution?

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