Mariah Yeater Possible Baby Daddy May Speak Out

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Mariah Yeater just keeps bringing the white trash lulz with some of her antics. Aside from accusing Justin Bieber of being her baby’s father, she’s been caught on camera smoking weed in front of the kid. Now, another guy claiming to be the actual father of her child is thinking about coming forward.

TMZ reports that Robbie Powell, the former boyfriend of Mariah Yeater, thinks he’s truly the baby’s father. It’s a shame that a man like Robbie seems interested in stepping-up to the bat, while Mariah is more interested in acting like a hoodrat fitting for an episode of the Maury Povich Show.

Robbie Powell is thinking about coming forward because a variety of media outlets have reached out to him, asking for the story. If Mariah Yeater had a “camp” they’d probably be claiming he’s an attention whore, like he’s saying of her. He claims she’s just after the money and has even told him that the Justin Bieber story is BS.

Did Justin Bieber make a baby with Mariah Yeater?

He claims he didn’t, but the girl would have to be crazy with a capital “C” to accuse someone as rich as he of something that isn’t even true. If she can’t prove to have been boinked like a piece of backstage booty, which she undoubtedly aspired high to be, then she may end up sued.


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