Mariah Yeater Twitter: Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby Mama’ Baits Beliebers

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Justin Bieber’s baby mama wannabe Mariah Yeater has inspired the ire of Beliebers throughout Twitter. Now the 20-year-old mother has taken to baiting them through her random tweets. instance, earlier today @mariahyeater20 tweeted, “Woke up to a very nice voicemail from yaaaa boy ;).” Obviously she insinuated that Justin Bieber is calling her even though he said this morning on the Today Show that he never even met Mariah Yeater.

Obviously she received a lot of backlash from Beliebers over that baiting tweet, and a few hours later she tweeted, “This is a joke….damn beliebers.” Did she mean her entire claim that Justin Bieber is her baby daddy, or was she just talking about her insinuation that he called her? Both could be the truth. Of course, filing a lawsuit with no merit is not a joking matter, so that better not be the joke.

These were not the first Belieber baiting tweets from Mariah Yeater either. All day yesterday she tweeted insinuating that Biebs sent her a copy of his new album Under The Mistletoe. She even tweeted @justinbieber a few times, and of course he did not respond to her at all.

What do you think about Justin Bieber’s baby mama wannabe? She seems a hot mess mostly. Are you a Belieber who has engaged her on Twitter, or are you simply ignoring her in hopes that she eventually goes away?

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