Mariah Yeater Twitter: Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby Mama’ Explains Where Son Was

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Justin Bieber’s supposed baby mama, Mariah Yeater, spent much of yesterday on Twitter, and many people were left wondering just where her 3-month-old son was. Now she has explained how she had the time to tweet all day.

Mariah Yeater Twitter: Justin Bieber's 'Baby Mama' Explains Were Son WasOf course, this young mother is making for hilarious late-night entertainment. Just last night, Jimmy Fallon sang the funniest version of Justin Bieber’s Baby ever. The 20-year-old seems thrilled with the attention she is getting even though the majority of it has been negative.

Last night Mariah Yeater attempted to hit 9,000 followers on Twitter, and as part of her campaign, she offered to answer questions about herself. However, when somebody asked her what her baby was doing, she never responded. Finally, though, this afternoon she explained what happened to him.

Several hours ago, @MariahYeater20 tweeted, “Just picked up my precious baby from his grandparent’s house! What a great couple of days he had! <3 #family.” That explains where the little boy was yesterday while she obviously spent all day on the computer. Even so, she has been on Twitter a large part of today as well, but she has taken breaks.

Just a couple of hours after picking up her baby, @MariahYeater20 tweeted, “Cutest thing ever is watching a baby sleep! They are so innocent!” She is completely right. Little babies are quite beautiful especially when they sleep. They are also innocent, and hopefully she is doing everything she possibly can to protect her son’s innocence. If she is falsely claiming to be Justin Bieber’s baby mama, that could cause the little boy problems down the road when he realizes what his mother did.

As she continues to say that the rumors are true and she did not make this up for fame, Mariah Yeater also talks about being famous. She even asked for a free Chevy Volt, which seems vulgar and like something who wanted money and fame would do. Those are not the actions of a young mother who simply wanted the child support her child deserved from his dad.

Now Mariah Yeater has over 10,000 Twitter followers. How long will her 15 minutes of fame last?

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