Marie Osmond Son Michael Blosil Drugged by Ex-Girlfriend Before Jumping from Balcony?

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Michael Blosil, Marie Osmond’s deceased son told his roommates that 3 days prior to his death his ex-girlfriend had drugged him, according to TMZ. Oddly enough, just 3 days after the alleged drugging by his ex-girlfriend, Michael Blosil jumped for his apparent balcony.

Michael Blosil’s roommates had wanted to go out with Michael 3 nights before his death, but Michael declined the request because he had plans; however, Michael never came back the night after his plans. When Michael did return home, he told his roommates that he believed his ex-girlfriend had drugged.

Michael Blosil believed this because his ex-girlfriend had contacted him and said that she was in town and wanted to meet with him so he went to meet up with her. The next thing he new he had blacked out and he woke up only to find himself lying in a street a few blocks from his apartment.

According to the roommates of Michael Blosil, Blosil had been ill for the two days prior to his “jumping” off the balcony of his apartment. Police contacted the ex-girlfriend and she says she was never in town when Michael Blosil’s roomates claimed that she was. However, LA Coroner’s office is going to run a toxicology report to determine if drugs were in Michael Blosil’s system.

So time will tell if Michael Blosil really committed suicide at all. Strange twist, hunh?


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